Thursday, October 15, 2015

change is a beautiful thing.

As I returned from the grocery this afternoon, with two sleeping babies in the back seat, I was taken aback by the view of our little home in the woods.  Four and a half years, two babies, countless projects, and finally this little house is feeling so much like a home! There are days when I love this house, and days when I can't wait to get out.  In some ways it's too small, others too big!

I'm not much of a landscaper, but I love that these beautiful zinnias have been so abundant this year, such a beautiful reminder of the beauty we saw in this old dilapidated house we bought just a few years ago!  I mean, just look at the change!

We have no idea how much longer we'll call The Little Blue House our home, but until then we are soaking up all the memories we've made and continue to make within these walls!

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