Thursday, April 21, 2016

dear abel // 15 months

Dear Abel, 

The past 15 months have been challenging and stretching, but so full of joy, love, and laughter.  You are mama's boy, through and through.  You must know where mama is at all times...and if mama's in sight, you must be touching her!  We love your adorable sense of humor and your go with the flow attitude (again as long as mama's near you're happy to go anywhere!).  You're strong and stubborn, which is a great skill when interacting with your big brother - you can hold your own just fine!  That sweet smile of yours is so contagious, but you are not afraid to voice your opinion about anything.  You love to climb and explore, if it's off limits, you're ready to check it out.  We often find you on top of the kitchen table finishing up someone's leftovers, or attempting to climb a latter or standing on top of the name it, you've tried to scale it! We love your sense of adventure!  Keep growing and exploring, little one.

mama & daddy

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