Hi.  We're the Ankneys, Dan and Jess.  We live in northern Indiana with our two sons Caleb and Abel.  We live a simple life.  Enjoy getting our hands dirty.  Creating things.  Spending as much time as possible as a family.  Dreaming big.  Being outdoors.  Cooking with vegetables grown in our very own garden.

What started as a monthly update of our random adventures as newlyweds, soon transformed into a journal of our adventures as expats, backpackers, homeowners, and now parents!  

This is our story...

After just 6 months as newlyweds, we packed up our itty-bitty but fabulous apartment in central Pennsylvania and moved all our belongings into Dan's childhood bedroom.  We took a month long road trip down the east coast, then up to Indiana to visit Jess' family before heading to NYC to visit Dan's sister and board a plane headed to the Far East.  

We spent the next 13 months in Hsinchu, Taiwan teaching English.  When we weren't teaching we were traveling.  During our time in Taiwan, our blog became a place to share our adventures and daily life as American Expats.

In the fall of 2010, we made our way back to the states, but not before spending 2 months backpacking through Southeast Asia.

After moving across the ocean and back, we moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where we bought a little fixer upper on three acres in May 2011.  We've spent countless hours since learning the art of DIY and homeownership.  You can see our progress and take a tour here.  

In June 2013 we welcomed our first child Caleb Roscoe.  Check out his birth story here.

Then in January 2015 we welcomed our second son, Abel Henry.  You can see his birth story here.  Since becoming parents, our progress on the house has slowed drastically, but our love and excitement for these sweet boys makes it all worth it.

From one crazy adventure to another, this blog helps us keep in touch with those we love.  Thanks for stopping by!  We'd love to hear from you, jessica.ankneyATgmail.com.

~ Dan, Jess, Caleb & Abel